"I've never seen someone play a hurdy-gurdy so punk"
"Powerful, heady stuff. Be drawn into their world and keep an eye out for more from this band.""
God Is in the TV

Latest Single: Something Broke Inside

Latest Music Video: Roses from Blood

“Roses From Blood” opens on sepulchral oozing, groaning tones topped by Eugene’s low hovering voice, filling the soundscape with wickedly luxurious keening textures of calamity and somber intensity..."

Randall Radic

UK-based electronic/post-punk/art-pop/experimental duo tAngerinecAt create wickedly irresistible music at once dark, palpably cathartic, and pervaded by turbulent emotions.

Ardent DIYers and self-producing, both artists are multi-instrumentalists, who focus on live performances discharging dynamic music generating purgative, potent, passionate compositions reminiscent of ceremonial healing rites for listeners and the musicians.

Audiences equate tAngerinecAt’s performances to heart-piercing episodes akin to lightning jetting down the spine. Read more...

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