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Experimental mixed genre duo tAngerinecAt - singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Zhenia Purpurovsky (he/him) and sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist Paul Chilton (they/them), who create their own unique sound, are winning over European stages with their outstanding new record “GLASS”. The musical and poetic imagery of the album highlights Zhenia’s personal story as a multi-ethnic disabled queer refugee and complex trauma survivor from a post-Soviet country pitching itself strongly against authoritarianism and nationhood.


For over a decade, tAngerinecAt has been persistently creating passionate, uncompromising work, raw, thought provoking, socially and creatively pushing against the tide, dealing with subjects of authority, migration, nepotism, capitalism, child abuse, poverty, ecocide, war, neurodiversity and queerness. Their work is a tapestry of well fitting elements ranging from Zhenia’s Ukrainian heritage to Western rock music from 70s, through Soviet punk to doom-metal, and from industrial to experimental/dance electronica.


tAngerinecAt has single-handedly built a worldwide cult following, toured in 10 countries, and appeared at festivals such as Wave-Gotik-Treffen (DE), Tallinn Music Week (EE), Hradby Samoty (SK), Ex Tenebris Lux (FR), Focus Wales (UK), Equinox (UK), Eden (UK), Willowman (UK), Knockengorroch (UK), and many more. 

Most recently, they have been invited to go on tour with Project Pitchfork - one of the most successful and influential representatives of the dark electro genre in the world who were supported by Rammstein in 1995.

Louder Than War  Albums of The Year 2022 – The Top 100


'Glass is a truly astounding, powerful and highly pertinent piece of work… The outfit fuses electronica and drone with industrial flourishes and beautifully dark songwriting… If it doesn’t get your blood pumping then you may as well check yourself into the crematorium… Over throbbing electronica and a relentless four-to-the-floor beat, tAngerinecAt delivers one of the most exciting pieces of music I’ve heard this year. It is, to use a technical term, an absolute banger.’ – Louder Than War


"tAngerinecAt is breaking down barriers and the time-space continuum" -


Based in Wales, UK


Genres:  electronic, industrial






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