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CD in 4-panel gatefold card case with A5 poster. Released October 26, 2012. Recorded at Beehouse studios. 

Dark Patrick changed their name to tAngerinecAt in 2015 so on the CD it says Dark Patrick but it's exactly the same band and band members.


"Dark Patrick’s Rise of the Underworld is a cinematic, conceptual album that ably defies succinct labeling and genre classification. The album is a varied jaunt through successive layers of electronic stimuli, ghostly sound effects, ethereal vocals, and lush organic instrumentation, all threaded together into a cohesive whole that would work just as well as soundtrack, background ambiance, or fully immersive listening experience (try listening to it through headphones in the forest at night - recommended)... In all, Rise of the Underworld is just eclectic enough to appeal to fans of quite a few different genres, while having a wider applicability to film, stage, and installation piece, to be sure."

- Reed Burnam, USA

tAngerinecAt - Rise of the Underworld on CD

SKU: 36523641234523
  • CD in 4-panel gatefold card case with A5 poster.

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