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Comes as one zip file containing the album in the following formats: MP3 320, 24-bit WAV, FLAC. 


Not to burn in the fire
Nor freeze in the chill
Nor be soaked in the rain
Nor lost in the fog
To see in the dark
Like a bird take flight
And not to die

“Glass” is based around Eugene’s personal experiences as a neurodivergent person, severe trauma, acute poverty and Chornobyl disaster survivor, and a queer multiethnic refugee activist from Ukraine.

The concept for this album came after we created “Something Broke Inside”. In this song we used a breaking glass sound that we had recorded while smashing a bottle on a stone floor. The concept of shattered glass fragments came to represent Eugene’s story of struggling to survive, heal and thrive. Every song on the album is a different story and like another razor-sharp shard of glass.



All music except Anti-Lullaby composed, performed, recorded, produced mixed and engineered by tAngerinecAt.

Anti-Lullaby: lyrics, vocals and composition by Runa de Luna & tAngerinecAt; recording, arrangement, production, mixing and engineering by tAngerinecAt.

Eugene Purpurovsky: hurdy-gurdy, vocals, sound design.
Paul Chilton: whistles, vocals, duda (Ukrainian bagpipes), sound design.

Recorded at tAngerinecAt studio.

Glass Digital Album Download

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