"Watch out for: tAngerinecAt... this is some of the most powerful music I have heard in a long time, and holds a message too... difficult to believe there were only two musicians on stage. They manage a real art; creating sound which people enjoy..."

– Emily Oldfield, LOUDER THAN WAR

"...the UK/Ukrainian dark electro duo are one of the most incredible live acts we have seen over the years. Not many shows you come away from feeling like you’ve had an out of body experience, but tAngerinecAt transcend all reservations and speak directly to your heart."


“tAngerinecAt brought not just synth to the table, but a whole range of physical, classical instruments into the mix – most noticeably their use of the hurdy-gurdy, to make their music the deep notes of severe doom and dread that gave it the feeling of a rave in a mausoleum...”- Ben Knight, LEFTLION


"Tangerinecat exploded into my world and I'm a happier man for it! Awesome energy and multidisciplinary. Myself and the team at New Art Exchange really appreciated your work."- Jason Pollitt‎, NEW ART EXCHANGE


"I've never seen someone play a hurdy-gurdy so punk..."- DEVIL’S DYKE NETWORK


'Eugene’s a fantastic singer... as abrasive noise went, I liked them a whole lot.' – ROCKNERD


'Always a pleasure to have these guys back.. if you haven't already seen them, you need to!'
- Nicholas Quirk, Entertainment/Venue Manager at Hope and Anchor London


"tAngerinecAt have been playing gigs at the Adelphi long before they were tAngerinecAt! Even back in the days of their previous incarnation of Dark Patrick, they were always Adelphi favourites.

During our 35 years of running a fully independent underground music venue, we've come to terms with the fact that our most important mission is 'to move music forward as an art form' and tAngerinecAt fill that description whole heartedly.

They are not background music that you hear on the radio whilst you move things along a conveyor belt, do the washing up or try and cop off to.

They are music that you listen to and for it subsequently "feel" to and get transported by.

With the added bonus of always generating a dance floor and a room full of happy sweaty people.

Plus, how often do you get to rave to a Hurdy Gurdy?!

True one of a kinds, a delight to work with and always a top choice for any billing." - Mat Oliphant. Manager at The New Adelphi Club (2019 Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Grassroots Music Venues Award)


with support from Creative Scotland


Roses from Blood Music Video Premiere



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