"I've never seen someone play a hurdy-gurdy so punk..."

tAngerinecAt - Many Kettles on CD

tAngerinecAt - Many Kettles on CD



tAngerinecAt are two multi-instrumentalists who create DIY electronic music with a huge range of influences: from punk and EDM, through doom-metal, to Carpathian ethnic music.

In their music hurdy-gurdy, loops, samples, woodwinds, haunting textured vocals, synth voices and pounding electronic dance beats come together to form a powerful well-constructed whole, imparting a cathartic live show experience which is even further exemplified by Eugene's deeply personal lyrics tackling themes of severe trauma, childhood abuse, poverty, gender inequality, dehumanization, stigma, persecution, and the challenges of being a migrant from a poor post-Soviet country at war.


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